The type of work we typically undertake in the workshops are:

  • Tank fabrication
  • Dairy tube and pipe spools
  • Steam piping systems
  • Valve manifolds
  • Pipe supports, gantries and pipe bridges
  • Access stairways, walkways and platforms
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Equipment reconditioning and refurbishment
  • Equipment safety guarding upgrades
  • Heavy vehicle and trailer repairs


Simford can work with a variety of materials including stainless steel (304, 316 and duplex), carbon steel, aluminium, plastic tubing and plastic piping.

Simford can work with a variety of fluids / materials: 

  • Product - milk, yoghurt, soft drink, alcohol, edible oils, cream cheese 
  • Sanitation - CIP caustic, acid, sanitiser 
  • Services - chilled water, hot water, compressed air, steam & condensate 
  • Gases - CO2, nitrogen and other high purity gases 
  • Chemicals - HCL, nitric and other acids and corrosive liquids